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Safety engineering

Manual fire alarm

[Type C31]

The C31 can be used outside and in moist spaces as a surface mount. The highly flame resistant plastic casing […]

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Ex manual alarm call point

[Type dC31]

The manual call point, type dC31, was developed for explosion hazard areas, where gas or dust can cause an explosive […]

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Emergency switch with glass panel

[Type C65/G]

(weatherproof) The waterproof C65/G emergency switch was developed based on the IP 66 protection standard. It is particularly well suited […]

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Holding solenoid

[Type eD1475]

The eD1475 serves to seize fire and smoke protection doors. The gray cast casings protect the device against overheating by […]

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Pressure Switch

[Type C72/C]

(intrinsically safe) The intrinsically safe C72/C pressure switch monitors the pressure from fluids and gases in explosive environments. To that […]

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Lighted panel

[Type LT/LED]

(weatherproof) The weatherproof illuminated panel LT/LED informs your employees about hazardous situations in different areas. The illuminated panel is equipped […]

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Lighted display

[Typ VideLux LT3514IP]

The aluminum case of the lighted display VideLux LT3514IP impresses with its particularly attractive appearance without neglect our usual robustness. […]

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Ex Lighted display

[Type LT7017EX]

The lighted display LT7017EX is designed for the application as warning sign in explosion hazard areas. The illumination is ensued […]

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