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Safety engineering

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Holding solenoid

[Type eD1475]

The eD1475 serves to seize fire and smoke protection doors. The gray cast casings protect the device against overheating by conducting away the warmth developed by the holding solenoid. The weatherproofencapsulation also fulfils the IP 66 standard for Ex protection. The eD1475 is rated for 24 volt DC voltage. The holding solenoid come in two versions: 50 and 70 mm in diameter. Anchor plates in various sizes are also optionally available.

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Order no.   Type Ø Adhesive force Current Power
37.02 eD 1475/5 50 mm 60 kp / 588 N 125 mA 3 W
37.22 eD 1475/7 70 mm 160 kp / 1568 N
Technical data
Storage temperature -40°C … +70°C
Operating temperature -20°C … +40°C
Casing enclosure IP 66
Ignition protection class Logo ExII 2G EEx me II T6
Logo ExII 2D T73°C IP 66
Type approval IIBExU 18 ATEX 1145 X
Operating voltage 24 V DC
Material Gray cast iron

115 (length) x 115 (width) x 108 (height) mm

Cable gland:
1 x M20 x 1.5 (Ø 6-12 mm)

approx. 4 kg


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