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Safety engineering

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Emergency switch with glass panel

[Type C65/G]


The waterproof C65/G emergency switch was developed based on the IP 66 protection standard. It is particularly well suited for publicly accessible areas, since the switch is protected against unintentional activation by a replaceable glass panel. The C65/G possesses a durable, thick-walled and shock-proof plastic casing. The emergency switch is also outfitted with a tall cylindrical shroud.

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Order basis Casing colour Index nr Roof colour
82. _ _ red 1 gray
83. _ _ gray 2 red
3 yellow
Index nr Switch type Contacts Type of contact
1 Mushroom button
pushing 2S + 2Ö

240 V AC

10 A

3 Mushroom button
Twist release

Emergency Off

4 Mushroom button
Key release
Emergency hammer with holding clip Order no. 54.39

105 (length) x 105 (width) x 125 (height) mm

Distance between holes for attachment:
125 mm

Cable gland:
2 x M20 x 1.5 (Ø 6-12 mm)

approx. 800 g