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Communications engineering

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Custom telephones


The A24OB is used to configure autonomous telephone lines – up to ten separate ones can be connected to one another using the A24OBL. The integrated energy saver mode greatly increases the service life of the battery.

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Technical Data
Storage temperature -40°C … +70°C
Operating temperature -20°C … +55°C
Relative humidity max 95%
Casing enclosure IP 66
Connection terminals clamping range 0.08 – 2.5 mm² single, multi and fine wire
Cable gland M16, Ø 5-10 mm
Dummy plugs: 1 x M12, 1 x M16
Handset: M12Flex, Ø 3-6.5 mm
Material Casing: polyamide
Type A24OB + A24OBL
Tone signalling Piezo signalling, 60 dB(A) – 90dB(A) at 1 m distance
Call generator Output voltage 42 V/50 Hz Sine
Functions Call voltage generator, energy saving mode,
battery monitoring, Volume control for call tone
Battery 4 x 1.5 V C-cell alkaline batteries LR 14
(preferably Duracell, temp. to -20°C)
Connection OB = La, Lb and W2
OBL = La, Lb1 to Lb10 and W2
OB Telephones Order no.
A24OB with spiral handset cord 01.21000
A24OB with stainless steel handset cord 01.22000
A24OBL as final selector with spiral handset cord 01.31000
A24OBL as final selector with stainless steel handset cord 01.32000

Customer-specific telephones (e.g. emergency, railway and tunnel telephones) by request


221 (height) x 154 (width) x 105 (depth) mm

Distance between holes for attachment:
128-134 mm

OB, OBL approx. 1.5 kg