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Communications engineering

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Telephon second ringer

[Type TW2]

The TW2 is built into a shock-proof plastic casing based on protection standard IP 66. The intermittent alarm has a maximum volume of 93 dB (A)/1 m. Because this is significantly different from running machines and motors, it can be perceived even in a loud environment.

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Technical data
Ringing voltage 24-60 V at 25-50 Hz
Volume 24 V – 90 dB, 60 V – 93 dB at 1m distance
Audio frequency 3200 Hz
Ringing tone intermittent tone
Casing plastic ABS gray
Protection IP 66
Cable gland M 16 x 1.5 (Ø 5-10 mm)
Order no.

105 (length) x 105 (width) x 110 (height) mm

Distance between holes for attachment:
125 mm

approx. 550 g