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[Type WHA]

Even in the midst of high noise levels of up to 115 dB (A), the WHA allows you to conduct absolutely comprehensible conversations, since the dynamic microphone compensates for external static noise. Given its robust construction, the WHA is particularly well suited for industrial use. It is designed for extreme conditions in terms of heat, cold and moisture – such as within a deep-freeze facility or ship machine rooms.

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General technical data
Temperature range Storage: -40°C to + 80°C
Operation: -30°C to + 70°C
Admissible relative humidity < 93%
Type of Protection IP 54 (when used)
Ear cups shock-proof plastic
Weight approx. 385 g
Technical data for microphone
Electro-acoustic Principle dynamic
Impedance 230 Ohm
Noise reduction 12 dB for 1 kHz
Frequency range 100-5000 Hz
Sensitivity -63 dB V/Pa, 1 kHz
Technical data for handset
Electro-acoustic Principle dynamic
Impedance 150 Ohm for 1 mW/1 kHz
Rated load-carrying capacity 50 mW
Noise level max. 115 dB
Noise reduction 27 dB
Frequency range 150 Hz – 12 kHz
Order no. Mode
06.47 with spiral cord
06.48 with 10 m connection cord