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Communications engineering

Protective telephone casing

[Typ TG1]

These sturdy protective telephone cases are made of stainless steel or steel plating. They are suitable for wall mounting, but can also be mounted onto pedestals. The TSG1 and TSH1 variants offer the user extra protection through side pieces and a protective roof. All types are coated with high-grade elastic plastic.

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Typ Ausführung Abmessung Material Bestell-Nr.
TG1 Wandbefestigung 500/335/194 mm Stahlblech beschichtet 9.01001
Edelstahl beschichtet 9.02001
Standsäule 1850/335/194 mm Stahlblech beschichtet 9.04001
Edelstahl beschichtet 9.05001

Sonderausführungen, wie z.B. andere Abmessungen, Farben, Edelstahl V4A oder Spezialverschlüsse auf Anfrage.